6 Weeks to Mother’s Day paints an intimate portrait of Thai culture by exploring one of its most progressive schools, Moo Baan Dek(Children’s Village). Home to some of Thailand’s most underprivileged kids, Children’s Village has become a pillar in the Thai education system and a promising symbol of the country’s future.

Located in a remote jungle village in Kanchanaburi province, children sleep twelve to a room, have no hot water, limited electricity, and work together in the village garden to help provide themselves with food. It is a simple way of life where nature is used to encourage both healing and education. Referred to as a democratic school system, students of all ages are given a strong voice, are able to study what they choose, and participate equally in village votes.

6 Weeks to Mother’s Day follows the students as they prepare a special celebration to honor the school’s founder and person they refer to as mother, Rajani Dhongchai, on what will be her 35th Mother’s Day at the school. Prepare to witness a rare slice of Thai culture as seen through the eyes of some of its most forward thinking children.

Executive Producer: Leslie - Anne Faireshire

Directed by: Marvin Blunte


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